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About LineQuest

LineQuest, LLC is a damage prevention company specializing in line locating, mapping, and hydro-excavation. These services combined have positioned LineQuest as an industry leader that currently serves major oil and gas companies spanning across West Texas and Southeast New Mexico. Among these producers, three can be found on the top five Permian Basin Production and Midstream companies list. Through its unique services, LineQuest has minimized the risk of line strikes, thus producing a safer work environment. Preventing line strikes is a key component that eliminates project delays, environmental contamination, work-related injury, and financial hardships. Hydro-excavation, which is known as the safest way to dig, provides an irreplaceable service that has quickly become an industry standard. LineQuest is involved in multiple stages of production. These stages include locating new well locations, identifying and exposing lines, and excavating within congested tank batteries, compressor stations, and gas plants.

LineQuest prides itself in knowing we are protecting underground facilities, the environment, and our community. We are on the front lines, serving as the oilfield’s premier line of defense. We have an extraordinary obligation and are up for the task.

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