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Damage Prevention

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Our Services

Line Locating Residential

Line Locating Services

Done right the first time. We understand that accuracy and quality matter when locating.

Line Locating

GIS Mapping

Almost 60% of damages to buried facilities are due to insufficient excavation practices.

Line Locating within City

Hydro-Excavation Services

Hydro-Excavation is a non-mechanical, non-destructive way of excavating.


Subsurface Utility Engineering

SUE is a reliable engineering process to obtain subsurface utility information.

Excavation-related damages with specific known causes


due to a failure to maintain clearance between excavation equipment and
underground lines


can be traced to a failure to maintain utility markings


due to a failure to verify the accuracy of marking by digging a test hole

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Markets Served

LineQuest, LLC is a damage prevention company specializing in line locating, mapping, and hydro-excavation. These services combined have positioned LineQuest as an industry leader.

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Why LineQuest

Through our unique services, LineQuest has minimized the risk of line strikes, thus producing a safer work environment. Preventing line strikes is a key component that eliminates project delays, environmental contamination, work-related injury, and financial hardships.

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